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Join the thousands of photographers already growing their social media and business with Vivi's automated video creation and social sharing.
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Incredibly Easy To Use & Fully Automated
Imagine this...

At 8am (on the dot) Vivi magically delivers a new beautiful social media video right to your phone and she'll be doing that automagically every. single. day. ✨

Vivi's brand new Social Media Kits allows you to automate social media marketing videos and deliver them to you on a shiny platter!

Simply share it on your Facebook & Instagram and watch hearts, likes and booking enquiries pile up in your inbox.
Seamless Integration With Your Favorite Apps
With seamless Pass & Warm Welcome integration you can sync 1,000s of photos with Vivi to create an endless variety of exciting videos that will delight your followers and clients.
The Only Automated Video Creator
Between having your personal video editor and a social media assistant in your pocket...

You finally have everything you need to grow your photography business from your phone!
1, 2, 3! Turn Your Images Into Stunning Videos, And Share Them In An Instant
Vivi will send you a new version of your video right on schedule, so you can share your work, and build your following and client list.
Open Vivi app and upload your photos to a collection.
Choose your animation style from a wide variety of magical presets.
Set up your video creation schedule.
That's it!
Compel More Action
When you combine your beautiful moving imagery, with mood-setting sound, you create an emotional response within your audience, which compels them to like, share and become a client.
Add Magic To Your Photos.
You’re already a fantastic photographer, but to stand out you need an edge. With compelling videos created on autopilot, you can simply focus on doing what you do best, and let VIVI do the rest.
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